hops – Germany – in general :

Dear Readers,

Hops are grown now in Germany over an area of 20,143.55 ha – more than ever before. This area is farmed by 1,121 hop growers.

The variety Herkules is grown over an area of 6,309 ha, followed by Perle with an area of 3,003 ha, Hall. Tradition with 2,712 ha and Hall. Magnum with 1,992 ha.

These 4 varieties represent nearly 70% of the total area under cultivation of hops.

The flavour varieties cover an area of 1,150 ha. The largest part of this is taken up by Mandarina Bavaria with 320 ha, followed by the variety Amarillo, which was imported from the USA, with 300 ha. It will not be particularly easy to market the German Amarillo.

Varieties such as Opal, Northern Brewer, Brewers Gold, Nugget, Target, Taurus and Merkur now only play a minor role and will continue to lose on surface area.

hops – Germany – 2018 harvest :

The hop evaluation commission completed their estimate for this year for the growing area of Hallertau on 23.08.2018.

The result can be seen in the following table:

growing area harvest 2016 harvest 2017 estimated harvest 2018 increase in area harvest 2017 vs. 2018
Hallertau 36.953,51 t 35.540,19 t 34.500,00 t + 2,9 %
Tettnang 2.194,16 t 2.270,44 t 2.195,00 t + 3,2 %
Elbe – Saale 2.845,41 t 2.938,77 t 2.846,60 t + 5,1 %
Spalt 730,03 t 762,16 t 540,00 t + 3,2 %
Rheinpfalz / Bitburg 42,98 t 44,69 t 41,90 t + 0,0 %
Germany 42.766,09 t 41.556,25 t 40.123,50 t + 3,1 %
      – 3,45 %  

I have included the harvest results for 2016 and 2017 to give a better comparision.

Despite a larger area of cultivation of 3.1% as compared to 2017, the estimate is 3.45% less.

At this early point in time no safe prediction can be made about the alpha factors.

However it is to be feared that, due to the long summer with consistent high temperatures and insufficient water supply, there will be no cause for optimism.

The red spider mite has caused trouble for the hop growers in all growing areas. In a bid to save the quality, hop gardens are already being harvested before the stage of maturity has been reached.

Harvest will be started in the whole of Hallertau this weekend.

All market participants hope for an average harvest!

hops – EU :

In the other European hop growing areas an average harvest at the most is expected.

hops – USA :

The stocks in the USA are looking good in all growing areas and a normal to good harvest is expected.

Furthermore the cultivation areas in the USA have been significantly extended as compared to last year, mainly in favour of the flavour varieties Citra and Chinook. The supply will exceed the demand. Price increases are not expected.

The growing area for Cascade has been reduced by more than 10% because of market saturation.

The growing area of the group of high-alpha varieties CTZ (Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus) has been increased to more than 2,740 ha (in 2016 this was only 1,820 ha).

The USA has hereby made a comeback in the high-alpha sector which will certainly have an impact on Herkules!

I will keep you informed in good time about the coming market sales.

spot market – Germany :

Which varieties and quantities will be available on the spot market depends to a great extent on the alpha values. I assume that the market for aroma hops could be tight.

German flavours and Herkules should be available.

BRAU BEVIALE 2018 in Nürnberg :

This year my company will once again be represented at the stand “Team for Brewers” in Hall 1, Stand 101 and assisted for the first time by Franz Rudolf Eisemann of the 6thgeneration.

For the occasion of our company’s 150thanniversary “Rudi’s Hopfentrunk – Edition 6” was created and can be tasted at our fair stand.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards

Rudolf Eisemann

(T.: +49 6226 – 4353 | E.: re@eisemann.de)